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Posted by Sabine Kempe on May 12, 2020 1:46:23 PM
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Manufacturing companies run and sell under tough business conditions: Highly competitive markets, fluctuating production costs, and constant pressure to innovate and meet increasing demands. How do manufacturers make effective and informed decisions to meet these challenges?

Finding the right information and managing daily tasks with the highest efficiency is critical in every sales environment. But what makes it more difficult in manufacturing is the availability of real-time information on accounts, products, and ongoing opportunities.

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The pain of blind flight in sales

Imagine driving your car without knowing how fast you go, no GPS showing you the route and no access to your brakes. Do your attempts in making decisions resemble flying blind in a foggy night sky? In manufacturing companies, your information about a customer or prospect is often scattered across many systems such as:

  • Account Management Tools
  • Quotation Tools (or Excel Sheets)
  • Document Management systems
  • BI tools
  • Hard drives of specific people

Identifying task owners, systems, tools and ultimately finding the relevant information is not only painful but a waste of precious time and resources in a highly competitive environment. In times where identifying and prioritizing revenue opportunities need to happen almost in the blink of an eye, manufacturers cannot afford to leave decision-makers in the dark. 

Informed decision making powered by the Digital Sales Platform

Optimize decision-making by simply looking at one place: your Sales Cockpit. This is where you can easily see vital signs that affect your current decisions. It provides all important information in a customized dashboard and keeps you updated with performance metrics and other decision driving data like:

  • On-going sales engagements
  • Pipeline forecast
  • Win-rates and their history
  • Quick access to account, opportunity, and quote data
  • External data from your service portals

Depending on your role, responsibilities, and KPIs, your dashboard will look different than someone else's. You might even customize it based on quarterly changing goals, evolving markets, or new channels.



Your Sales Cockpit is a powerful tool that helps you manage your teams and goals. You can also set priorities in your daily, weekly, or monthly efforts, and access your daily tasks. Having one central entry point with an aggregated view of your key metrics is crucial for accurate decision-making. Find answers to your questions the same way as you drive your car: By checking your sales cockpit.

Questions you may ask:

  • What opportunities need my final push?
  • Which manufacturing solution provides a higher margin?
  • Which partner sells most in a target country?


Just like in any other industry, manufacturing businesses rely on identifying and prioritizing revenue opportunities instantly. A Sales Cockpit brings all necessary decision-making information into view and helps you drive your sales at full speed. It helps you visualize your key metrics and performance indicators in a customized dashboard and empower you to manage your teams and goals effectively. 

Discover how the Digital Sales Platform is better than conventional sales solutions. Purpose-built for discrete manufacturing it embeds industry best-practice for you to kick-start your business growth and competitiveness.

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Sabine Kempe

Written by Sabine Kempe

Sabine - a digital enthusiast at heart, she is dedicated to matching the challenges of manufacturing businesses with the opportunities of a digitalized world.

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