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Top 3 Priorities for Manufacturing COVID-19 Recovery

Businesses that are now adapting from firefighting to strategizing, have the highest chances of not only surviving but capturing future growth ...
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Effective & Informed Decisions in Manufacturing with Sales Cockpit

Manufacturers rely on identifying and prioritizing revenue opportunities instantly. A Sales Cockpit brings all necessary information into view, to help ...
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The Top 5 Trends in CRM for Manufacturing in 2020

Manufacturing is an industry that sees constant changes. CRM is evolving rapidly, too. So what are the most significant trends in CRM for manufacturing ...
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How to create the perfect customer journey in Machine Manufacturing

The needs of a customer of a machine manufacturer are way more complex than in the B2C world. How can businesses in Mechanical Engineering industries ...
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Customer Centricity for Contract Manufacturers – Nice to have or imperative?

We asked one of our customers in contract manufacturing what would be their take on the big buzz around customer centricity and sales digitalization.
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