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Posted by Dominic Starr on Aug 7, 2023 10:22:35 PM
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Salesforce automation has become an integral part of the modern sales process, helping sales reps manage their customer relationships effectively while enhancing the efficiency and productivity of the entire sales team. Salesforce automation has existed for decades in many iterations from the earliest business forms to modern cloud-based SaaS solutions that favor scalable usage, data collection and now ever-increasing generative AI and analytics. Business insights powered by the 360 view of customer interaction, buying behavior and measured sales effectiveness enable business to make strategic decisions about product lifecycle, supply chain relationships and pricing. The clear leader in salesforce automation is Salesforce (formerly


At the same time, Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) solutions have emerged as a key tool for automating the sales quotation process which is the lifeblood of manufacturing sales team. Converting sales quotes to pipeline opportunities with forecastable wins keeps production aligned with sales and marketing. Not all CPQ's are created equal!  For discrete manufacturing, In Mind Cloud is considered a purpose built and CPQ enabled sales platform.


Using these two tools in isolation only limits their effectiveness and keeps legacy business silo’s in the forever position of throttling sales growth and optimization. However, integrating Salesforce with In Mind Cloud CPQ can unlock the full potential of these tools, helping businesses to improve their sales processes and achieve greater success. Now, this integration is part of the joint offering of In Mind Cloud and Salesforce available on the Salesforce App Exchange.


In this blog post, we'll explore why In Mind Cloud CPQ combined with your Salesforce investment is the right solution to unlock your manufacturing sales potential.


What is Salesforce Automation? (simplified)

Salesforce Automation (SFA) refers to employing software tools to mechanize and simplify the sales procedure.

The purpose of SFA is to aid sales representatives in managing their leads, prospects, and customer connections more effectively, enabling them to concentrate on selling instead of administrative duties.

SFA tools usually comprise functionalities like contact administration, opportunity administration, pipeline management, and reporting. Today we still see manufacturers without a strong CRM business practice, clinging to customer relationship with risky sales rep-based anchors. The reason, sales reps are notorious for avoiding administrative documentation and rather let their sales results speak for themselves. Modern sales organizations recognize these risks and provide additional business incentives to capture all the information about a customer possible through the entire sales process… and the results, even greater sales effectiveness.


What is In Mind Cloud CPQ?

Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) software solutions are designed to automate the sales quotation process.

CPQ solutions enable sales reps to quickly and accurately generate quotes based on customer needs, pricing rules, and product configurations.

In Mind Cloud CPQ is a cloud based CPQ software solution that helps businesses automate their sales quotation process.

It provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies complex product configurations and pricing structures, helping sales reps generate accurate and consistent quotes quickly and efficiently. By adding a tool for penny-precise-quoting™, sales teams unlock when they win, how often the win and what configuration at what price helps them beat the competition.



The Benefits of Integrating Salesforce with In Mind Cloud CPQ:


The sum of these two offerings is more than a list of components of their respective parts. A relationship between CRM and CPQ is natural and only amplified by this best in breed partnership.


  1. Streamlined Sales Processes

Integrating Salesforce with In Mind Cloud CPQ can help streamline the entire sales process.

By automating the sales quotation process, sales reps can generate quotes quickly and accurately, reducing the time it takes to close deals.

The integration also allows sales reps to access customer data and history from within the CPQ software, helping them to personalize quotes and better understand customer needs.


  1. Improved Sales Efficiency

In addition, sales efficiency can be enhanced through the integration of Salesforce and In Mind Cloud CPQ. Sales representatives can concentrate on selling rather than on administrative tasks by automating the sales quotation process.

This will increased revenue and productivity. Additionally, the integration will provide sales representatives with real-time information on product pricing and availability, allowing them to quickly respond to customer needs and make educated decisions. That is smart sales enablement. 


  1. Enhanced Customer Experience 

In today's competitive business environment, providing an exceptional customer experience is essential.

Integrating Salesforce with In Mind Cloud CPQ can help enhance the customer experience by providing sales reps with access to customer data and history, enabling them to personalize quotes and tailor their approach to each customer.   Both the quoting process and the quote itself can be 2D or 3D enabled to help coach sales reps to the best solution for the customer, a solution the customer can see.  A picture is worth a thousand words...

The integration can also help ensure that quotes are accurate and consistent, helping to build trust and credibility with customers.


  1. Greater Sales Visibility

Integrating Salesforce with In Mind Cloud CPQ can provide greater visibility into the sales process for the middle office.

The integration allows sales, operations and production to monitor the entire sales process, from lead generation to deal closure, providing valuable insights into sales performance and identifying areas for improvement.

This can help sales managers to make informed decisions and optimize the sales process for greater efficiency and effectiveness.


  1. Scalability and Flexibility

Integrating Salesforce with In Mind Cloud CPQ can also offer companies increased scalability and flexibility.

The integration enables companies to effortlessly expand their sales operations and incorporate new products and pricing models to capture more share of the market.

This can aid companies in adjusting to dynamic market situations and promptly and proficiently responding to customer demands.


Don’t wait to take advantage of this partnership made available to you through Salesforce and In Mind Cloud. Click on the free trial and learn from a manufacturing subject matter expert how In Mind Cloud and Salesforce can be the difference in surviving in 2023 and thriving in 2023.

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Dominic Starr

Written by Dominic Starr

Dominic Starr is a business sales executive with leadership experience in technical sales and software industries. Starr's career includes committed growth in solution sales and sales enablement, specifically arming service and sales makers with the digital tools they need to compete and win in an ever increasing competitive digital business climate. Currently, he leads the North American SaaS sales efforts for In Mind Cloud, providing a rich customer experience for discrete manufacturers, including CRM, CPQ, and commerce on a single Digital Sales Platform.

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