In Mind Cloud - Digital Sales Platform 24/02 Release

Posted by Ronald Reegan on Jan 27, 2024 1:00:00 AM
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All ready for sales wins in 2024-H1!

With this release, we have further strengthened the Digital Sales Platform as your end-to-end manufacturing sales solution.

As a platform that supports your team's activities by day, and runs automated checks and processes by night, the Digital Sales Platform ensures that your sales processes are as smooth and error-free as possible. 

Here are a few highlights of the latest enhancements made:


eCommerce Sales PortalAssortment-Based Product Listing

2402 Assortment

Flexibility in product presentation on commerce portals

Groovy script customization for dynamic assortment logic, seamless lookup table integration, and personalized user-relevant resources, providing unparalleled flexibility in product presentation on commerce portals.

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eCommerce Sales Portal – Payment Gateway enhancement

2402 Payment gateway

Payment Gateway enhancement

Option to customize transactions type, surcharges, user information inclusion, and language-specific additional information in order-flow screens for improved payment experience. 

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CPQ - Configurator Enhancement

2402 Configurator

Configurator Enhancement

Enhancements include attribute grouping, expanded pagination options, customizable validation preferences, improved selection indication, and enhanced status visibility for intuitive configurator use.

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CPQ - Branding Customization Options

2402 Customization

Branding Customization Options

Elevate user experience with personalized logos, welcome notes, and banners on the login screen. Tailor the home screen by adding your company logo and configuring a redirect URL, creating a uniquely branded interface for a more engaging and customized CPQ application experience.

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CPQ - Extended Search

2402 Extended Search

Extended Search.

Introducing the "Extended Search" feature enhances search functionality. Users can opt for a more refined search experience by breaking down keywords into individual words for comprehensive and inclusive search results.

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These are just some of the latest updates we made to the In Mind Cloud Digital Sales Platform. Download the full product release to discover all the new improvements we have made to help our customers be more efficient at manufacturing sales

Download 24/02 Release

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