In Mind Cloud - Digital Sales Platform 22/11 Release

Posted by Tan Su Min on Nov 4, 2022 10:56:15 PM
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Enabling manufacturers to achieve their sales targets in 2022

This release focused on creating a smoother experience on our Digital Sales Platform, with various integration options. 

eCommerce Sales Portal – Website Integration

website integration

Provide your end-users with a smooth, complete browsing experience.

Customers want a smooth experience, with information clearly presented, so as to avoid confusion. Particularly with making purchase decisions, they need to be assured that the information they have is updated and relevant. We have enabled deeplinks to product detail pages that are updated directly from system database information, which allows users browsing the website to readily access information and place orders or inquiries. Upon signing out of the commerce portal, users can be immediately brought back to the company website for a continuous browsing experience. 

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eCommerce Sales PortalAdditional payment gateway options

payment gateway

Select the best provider suited for your needs

Based on business models, the number of after-sales transactions on the Commerce portal may vary. This is a factor when considering the cost of maintaining the option of direct payment for orders through the Commerce portal. We have kept our wide variety of customers in mind and now provide administrators another choice of a payment gateway that may be more in line with their business trends.

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eCommerce Sales Portal – Equipment List with attachments

equipment list

Easily retrieve any equipment-related information

Equipment are often complex, made up of multiple hierarchies with child equipment and/or parent equipment. While this is easily managed by administrators in the Digital Sales Platform, we have extended accessibility to end-users as well. In addition to only directing users to sub-components, files and links can now be presented as information in the list of equipment. Such information comes in especially useful when it includes PDFs of equipment information, or direct links to support pages. 

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CPQ - Consolidated configurator experience

external configurator

Avoid the hassle of navigating between different systems

Manufacturing sales quotations often feature complicated configurations. They may require input from various parties and software systems. Our new integration with ConfigAir helps address this by keeping all tasks on one platform. Users can easily navigate the details on the Digital Sales Platform, creating quotes faster and more efficiently with fewer errors. 

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These are just some of the latest updates we made to the In Mind Cloud Digital Sales Platform. Download the full product release to discover all the new improvements we have made to help our customers be more efficient at manufacturing sales

Download 22/11 Release

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