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Smart Manufacturing: The Definitive Glossary

Eliminate smart manufacturing uncertainty and accelerate your digital initiatives with this glossary of commonly used Industry 4.0 terms.
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Digital is evolving traditional manufacturing challenges

Manufacturers are still struggling with the same challenges. Digital can help, but will also introduce a new twist to these old struggles.
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Harness Data to Solve Your Greatest Manufacturing Sales Challenges

Data can solve some of the toughest sales problems manufacturers face. But only if it can be harnessed through a powerful digital sales platform and a ...
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The 3 Steps of Pipeline Management In Manufacturing Sales

How should manufacturing sales teams manage their sales pipelines? Read how you can help sales teams with the 3 most important steps.
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China's Digital Upgrade for Manufacturing - China 2025

Let's look at China's roadmap to upgrade its manufacturing sector - the "China 2025" initiative.
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The Complete Manufacturing Industry 4.0 Glossary

Need a refresher on the Manufacturing Industry 4.0 terms to note? Read this blogpost for explanations about predictive maintenance, servitization, and ...
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