The Path to Success with Digital Commerce for Manufacturing

Posted by Sabine Kempe on Apr 14, 2021 3:25:00 PM
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Manufacturers are contemplating how to leverage digital tools to satisfy rising customer demands and enable future business growth. What are the essential steps on the path to success for Digital Commerce in Manufacturing After-Sales? 

We have compiled some answers to these questions for you in this infographic!


The Path to Success with Digital Commerce for Manufacturing After-Sales_infographic


After-sales is a revenue goldmine. To unleash its full potential however, manufacturers need a digital storefront. Download the Manufacturing Commerce Playbook to find out you can get your e-commerce store up and running quickly.  

What the research says

  • 61% of B2B buyers start their buying journey online
  • 85% of B2B buyers state they don’t need in-person support when making a simple repeat purchase such as in after-sales
  • Digital buyers are 2 to 8 times more likely to purchase from that business again

Your Path to Digital After-Sales Success

Enable 24/7 access to customers

A seamless self-service buying experience is the new norm for B2B customers. With a digital storefront, your customers have unprecedented access to your business, allowing them to purchase spare parts and consumables - 24/7 and from anywhere in the world.

Simplify the buying experience

Ensure the right product, configuration and price details are available through a convenient self-service offering so buying from you is simple.

Self-service is essential

With a digital commerce solution, your customers have self-service access. This frees your sales teams to focus on building relationships and generating more revenue.  

Digital Commerce Goals

Generate up to 60%* of your revenue with a digital commerce platform. Manufacturers need to look at their After-Sales lifetime value and match it to digital commerce opportunities.

Early commerce adopters in the manufacturing industry will increase market share and leave the competition behind.

*Source: In Mind Cloud customer case study

Learn more about the path to success with digital commerce and get insights from a real-life industry example with the Manufacturing Commerce Playbook

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Sabine Kempe

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