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Manufacturing X Sales Platform 20/05 Release

Posted by Sabine Kempe on Apr 30, 2020 9:00:00 AM
Sabine Kempe
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We are proudly presenting Manufacturing X Sales Platform product release 20/05! 

Easily finding the right data is mission-critical for efficient selling. In our 20/05 release, we improved Manufacturing X’s (MX) search capabilities from the ground up. We included more data points for sorting and filtering, relative time queries, and saved searches.

We also revamped the home page to display the most relevant information for sales and management. Having an instant overview of how the business is going, and things that require their urgent attention is crucial for Sales Leaders to make an impact in revenue growth and business competitiveness.

Team Leaders need to orchestrate staff and ensure the timely delivery of quotes. They rely on the perfect match to customer requirements and the seamless input delivered by other collaborators. With the new Gantt Chart View released in 20/05 their life does not just get much easier, but they will be able to push their teams to be highly effective.

Get all the details in our Release Summary

1. Search Capabilities

Always have the right data at your fingertips. New search capabilities include more data points for sorting and filtering, relative time queries, and saved searches.

  • Additional fields available for filter, sort, and display:
    Every major business object (i.e. accounts, opportunities, quotes, and products) received additional fields that have been enabled for filter, sort, and display within their respective data sets, creating a more consistent end-user experience as well as allowing to create even more accurate search queries.
  • Relative Selects:
    Finding an object such as opportunities and quotes relative to the current point in time or an organisational unit is a common requirement. Relative Selects enables users to create powerful search queries that use date reference points or search within the user’s assigned organisational unit.
  • Saved Search:

    Many search queries are used frequently for different purposes, such as for account segmentation, management, or operational tasks to organise your daily work. Instead of posing search queries on the same data object repeatedly, end users can now use a ‘Saved Search’: a pre-defined search query for filter criteria, sort parameters and display fields.

Manufacturing X 20/05 Release  Preview Homepage

2. Home Screen: UI Widgets for KPI Dashboards

A new KPI-based Homepage was first introduced in 20/02 comprising table and tile widgets to easily identify crucial data points and provide quick access to the same. In 20/05 release we are enhancing the homepage and turning it into a Dashboard for Sales Reps and Managers alike, to have the most critical business information available as soon as they log into MX. It now features multiple chart types, entry points to launch external systems and shortcuts to the most commonly used functions within the application itself. 

In the 20/05 release, customers are now able to configure their own widgets utilizing the powerful search capabilities to create powerful dashboards keeping your users and managers on top of their day-to-day activities:

Manufacturing X 20/05 Release  Preview Gantt Chart

More Features

What else did we pack into our 20/05 release?

  • Activity Management:
    Additional features and capabilities have been added, including email, meeting, and phone call tracking.
  • Further MX Homepage improvements
  • Access Permissions
  • Action Workflow Enhancements

Manufacturing X 20/05 Release  Preview

Our goal is to help manufacturing businesses unlock further growth potential and increase sales efficiency. Do you want to find out how our new enhancements look like in detail? Download our release notes!

Do you want to see our Manufacturing X Sales Platform in action? Book a demo!


All Test Systems will be upgraded to release 20/05 by 2 May 2020, and Production Systems by 16 May 2020. For the full release upgrade and patch schedule for 20/05 please visit our Support Site.

Download 20/05 Product Release Summary here

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