Argano and In Mind Cloud Announce  Partnership in North America and Central Europe

Posted by Dominic Starr on Jan 31, 2023 11:28:45 PM
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Argano and In Mind Cloud announce partnership to position sales workflow solutions in the manufacturing industry. 

Argano, a business and technology service provider with expertise in Configure Price Quote (CPQ) deployments now offers planning and implementation services for In Mind Cloud projects in North America and Central Europe. This unique partnership  combines two offerings that together,  handle a manufacturing customer’s specialized sales and production requirements in a challenging global economy.

In Mind Cloud’s Digital Sales Platform for Manufacturing has simplified the sales process for both B2B customers and manufacturing sellers alike by combining customer facing eCommerce, sales facing Customer Resource Management (CRM) and complex CPQ tools under one platform that focuses the manufacturing sales effort including the sharing of critical information across the enterprise.  The result is a better process to support the customer sales journey and superior visibility on the business drivers that result in longer, more valuable and profitable customer relationships. Historically, there has been a lack of digital sales tools for manufacturing that addresses capturing customer requirements, penny precise pricing and after sales self-service portals that make manufacturers easy to do business with.  Customers want consumer like buying experiences and manufacturers need speed, scalability and supply chain visibility to maximize margins. In Mind Cloud uniquely addresses the need to simplify manufacturing sales with its natively integrated, purpose-built Digital Sales Platform.

Argano partners with customers to assess their selling processes and identify efficiency and savings opportunities, while at the same time assessing their current portfolio and product offerings and identifying market /offering opportunities. Where Argano really stands out however is in its application of artificial intelligence to the process of selling complex products, building from the modeling of a company’s customer’s needs a direct inferencing of the best fit to its products’ technical specifications. Argano’s capabilities in this space come from its extensive experience leading implementations of the SAP Variant Configurator, Advanced Variant Configurator, and Solution Sales Configurator.

From a strategic standpoint, the partnership of In Mind Cloud and Argano is a game changer for customers in need of sales workflow solutions as together we offer a real solution-oriented portfolio, where no one else is doing so.

IMC Quote:  “In 2023, our customers are truly going to be tasked with doing more with less.  Areas that impact discrete manufacturing include the digital preferred buying experience, supply chain and parts availability, especially in the configure to order and engineer to order spaces, as well as an increases in cost to produce and sell. Without a platform that is purpose built for this environment, they are forced to use old manual processes to boldly deliver in a new global market economy. They must digitalize the entire sales process because they will soon be looking to bring in new sales teams that expect to leverage the cutting edge technology they grew up with”, said Dominic Starr Managing Director for North America. 

Argano Quote: Doing more with less means more and quicker sales with faster approvals, fewer cycles, faster turnaround, and fewer errors. We know however that the greatest cause of cycles and errors is failing to match the customer’s needs with the products that really fulfill them. That can be addressed by digitization, specifically by harnessing the power of AI, using it to model the relations between customer needs and product solutions. The Argano and IMC partnership helps customers deliver with less time, better accuracy, more sales, higher profits, facilitated by  a combination of IMC’s platform and Argano’s consulting expertise.”
– Henk Meeter, Argano CPQ Practice Lead 

About Argano 
Argano is a next-generation business and technology services provider that builds the Digital Foundations that make businesses run better. Argano is purpose built for the Digital Renaissance, leveraging insight and innovation to help leaders design and implement the complex solutions necessary to not just survive but thrive and improve financial and operational performance. Argano believes a firm’s core operating technologies should be enablers of commercial innovation, not a constant source of limitation, and is committed to helping clients think differently about how they deploy and manage people, processes, and technology. For more information visit  

About In Mind Cloud 
In Mind Cloud is an independent provider of a cloud-based manufacturing sales platform with the mission to empower manufacturers and accelerate their sales operations. The In Mind Cloud Digital Sales Platform is designed to streamline manufacturing sales processes to achieve maximum efficiency, reduce costs, gain competitive advantage, and increase revenue. Since 2012, In Mind Cloud has been serving a global customer base of leading manufacturers through its offices in Singapore, Germany, and the US.

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Dominic Starr

Written by Dominic Starr

Dominic Starr is a business sales executive with leadership experience in technical sales and software industries. Starr's career includes committed growth in solution sales and sales enablement, specifically arming service and sales makers with the digital tools they need to compete and win in an ever increasing competitive digital business climate. Currently, he leads the North American SaaS sales efforts for In Mind Cloud, providing a rich customer experience for discrete manufacturers, including CRM, CPQ, and commerce on a single Digital Sales Platform.

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