Tender manager

The Key to Successfully Managing Manufacturing RFQs and Tenders

Manufacturing RFQs and tender processes are often lengthy with a high cost of sales. Learn how a specialized all-in-one sales platform empowers you to ...
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First To Quote, First To Deliver: The Need For A Manufacturing Sales Solution

Slow response time for an RFQ or Tender can have a severe effect in the manufacturing industry. You need a comprehensive Sales Platform including a ...
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3 Features That Sales Engineers Require For An Accurate Quote

Engineering sales can be a complex web of collaboration, data, and production. Learn how to streamline it while ensuring the accuracy of your tender ...
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Roles, Approvals, Country Discounts: Speeding Up Manufacturing Sales Cycles

In enterprise manufacturing sales, different countries, sites, and sales regions can lead to confusion over pricing models and quotations. How can ...
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What is CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) Software? (updated)

What is the configure price quote dilemma and how does a CPQ software helps manufacturers to gain competitive advantages? Check the benefits and use ...
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The 5 Biggest Risks in the Configure Price Quote Process

Learn how to assess the biggest risks in the configuration, costing and quoting process of manufacturing and engineering industries and how to tackle ...
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