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How to Create RFQs and Tenders in Less Than a Day

Manufacturing RFQs and tenders are often lengthy with a high cost of sales. Learn how to execute them most efficiently, and deliver flawless proposals.
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3 Features That Sales Engineers Require For An Accurate Quote

Engineering sales can be a complex web of collaboration, data, and production. Learn how to streamline it and ensure the accuracy of your tender ...
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The 5 Biggest Risks in the Configure Price Quote Process

The traditional quotation process in the manufacturing and engineering industry is broken. Here are the top 5 risks a modern CPQ solution can help ...
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What is CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) Software?

What is the configure price quote dilemma and how does a CPQ help manufacturers to gain competitive advantages? Check the benefits and use cases of CPQ.
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First To Quote, First To Deliver in Manufacturing Sales

Slow response time for an RFQ can have a severe effect for manufacturers. A Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) can help you meet your customers' demands.
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Roles, Approvals, Discounts: Speeding Up Manufacturing Sales

How can manufacturers increase efficiency and productivity in the light of different roles, approval processes, and sales region specifications?
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