Manufacturing pain points vs. CPQ - the ROI argument (Infographic)

Posted by Celine Heng on Friday August 25, 2017

In the manufacturing sector, an abundance of challenges are constantly on the horizon and forcing businesses to find solutions. No matter the country or the different stages of the business journey, manufacturing firms share almost identical pain points and most importantly, the need to retain their revenue. What are these pain points you may wonder and how can you alleviate them? I could list them all out for you but let’s stick to three.

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Is your Time to Quote killing your revenue?

Posted by Celine Heng on Tuesday August 01, 2017

The manufacturing landscape has progressively changed and evolved through the years, with companies splintering off in different directions. The introduction of new and advancing competitors, the rising cost of sales coupled with evolving sales channels, leaves little room in the industry’s already dwindling margins.

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Tags: CPQ Configure Price Quote, Sales Automation, buyer's experience, increase revenue, time to quote, quote cycles

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