Are Manufacturing Sales Automation Tools Killing Industrial Sales Jobs?

Posted by Charing Kam on Wednesday March 28, 2018

As Industry 4.0 solutions have taken over the market, employees of manufacturing companies have started getting anxious about job security. The number of articles that proclaim ‘Robots/Automation will destroy our jobs!’, boosted by publishers such as The Guardian, BBC, and Wired, number in the millions (2 million results on Google and counting!).

While it is true that innovation will bring many changes to the work landscape and many roles will need to be up-skilled to stay relevant, it is also important to keep in mind that Industry 4.0 solutions will affect every role differently.

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What Applications Can A CPQ Have For ETO Businesses?

Posted by Charing Kam on Wednesday March 21, 2018

Engineer-to-order (ETO) businesses have a unique challenge in the manufacturing space: When your business model depends on mass customisation, sales is never routine. Each project requires precise complex calculations as well as engineering resources and input due to the singularity of the final product or project.

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10 Indicators Your Manufacturing Business Will Benefit From A Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Software? (Part 1)

Posted by Sabine Kempe on Thursday September 14, 2017

Businesses in manufacturing industries offering complex products or services to their customers often have 3 problems in common: 

  1. The sales process is lengthy
  2. The complexity of the products or solutions offered, extends to the sales process itself 
  3. Price calculations are difficult but require 100% accuracy due to slim margins
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