The Top 5 Trends in CRM for Manufacturing in 2020

Manufacturing is an industry that sees constant changes. CRM is evolving rapidly, too. So what are the most significant trends in CRM for manufacturing ...
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The holy grail of CRM and Digital Go-to-market in Manufacturing

What is so difficult about CRM and Digital Go-to-market in manufacturing? And why do so many customers ask for a quotation or costing software and NOT ...
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3 Features That Sales Engineers Require For An Accurate Quote

Engineering sales can be a complex web of collaboration, data, and production. Learn how to streamline it while ensuring the accuracy of your tender ...
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Roles, Approvals, Country Discounts: Speeding Up Manufacturing Sales Cycles

In enterprise manufacturing sales, different countries, sites, and sales regions can lead to confusion over pricing models and quotations. How can ...
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5 Reasons To Choose a Cloud-Based CPQ & CRM

As a manufacturer, why should you choose a cloud-based CRM and Configure, Price, Quote software? We will give you five reasons.
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