The Heavy Machinery Manufacturer’s Secret to Selling More

Posted by Leo Boon Yeow on Apr 4, 2022 10:53:50 AM
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Understand what your B2B customers want from your manufacturing business

Are your customers having problems selecting what they need from the wide variety of products you offer? Or are they oblivious to your new innovations because they want to stick to something safe? This is a challenge that many manufacturing businesses are facing—and it’s causing some manufacturers to step back on innovation or variants to “give existing customers what they want.”

But what do they really want?

Your customers - existing and new - want to feel secure in their purchases. They want to know that the products and solutions they are buying from you are exactly matching their requirements—and they want to know that your products are a safe investment. But your customers’ need for a safety net should not stop your business from innovating and introducing new disruptive products or a broad selection of variants.

If anything, it should encourage your business to speed up developing new features and the accompanying go-to-market of these products. When your business stalls on innovation, it could miss growth opportunities. In the worst case, the next competitor that comes along with a wider selection and faster, more powerful, or more efficient products could take your business away.

Easy product selection of variants can make or break the deal 

Your existing customers already trust your manufacturing business. They are sold on your expertise, quality control, production speed, and fair prices. When you spend effort creating new products or even new variants, your customers assume that the same qualities they love will remain. But they would first need to know these new products exist.

Innovations are instantly in front of customers with an online sales portal—a crucial business advantage. But how will they know the difference between your available products? How can they easily select what they need? Watch the video below to find the answer. 


The variant comparison provides transparency into your products and their differences

The variant comparison feature in our Digital Sales Platform is common in B2C online stores. You’ve most likely used this feature to help make informed decisions in your consumer purchases. One example is the ubiquitous laptop computer.

PC manufacturers can list hundreds of different models on their online stores. You’ve got the budget ones, the 2-in-1s, the thin and lights, and the mobile workstations. Mix it up with the different sub-brands and specification combinations, and you get a recipe for confusion. PC manufacturers eliminate this by letting customers compare and configure the product before buying. 

Letting your customers configure and compare models online takes the confusion away from the buying process. It helps consumers zero in on the solution that fits their needs the most. This feature becomes a powerful way to quickly help customers find and buy the right product or solution when applied to your business. 

Let customers customize variants for an even closer requirements match

The In Mind Cloud Digital Sales Platform lets you take variant comparison one step further. After finding the product variant that meets most of their requirements, they can finalize their purchase by customizing their chosen variant.variant customization

Customers have the option of customizing close variants to match exact requirements 

This powerful feature lets customers fine-tune and buy products that match their exact requirements—ensuring higher chances of conversion. At the same time, it also dramatically reduces the time-to-value as opposed to full configuration because 90% of the production can be done in advance.

Introduce variant comparison in B2B online sales for these benefits:

Variant comparison and customization in an Online Sales Portal for B2B manufacturers help ensure an increase in sales. With powerful self-serve capabilities, you put the power back into the customers' hands. Through an Amazon-style eCommerce portal, they can buy anything they need, whenever they need to. Your customers will also have a better understanding of how your business can support their business goals.

These are competitive advantages that ensure your customers keep coming back.

However, implementing it is easier said than done. To help you get started, we compiled a Roadmap to Digital Go-to-Market Success to help you find a better way to digitize your manufacturing sales process. Download the guide here to learn more

Is your business ready to put the power of choice back into your customers’ hands? Book a no-obligation demo session with our Digital Sales experts to discover how In Mind Cloud can help you achieve your sales digitization goals.

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