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Posted by Leo Boon Yeow on Apr 28, 2021 3:33:00 PM
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In the manufacturing industry, few beacons shine as brightly as Netafim. They are a leader in precision irrigation solutions and serve customers in 110 countries across the globe. 

Journey to digital success

However, the journey to becoming the world’s largest irrigation company (and remain so) is not easy. Netafim’s current success is dependent on two elements:  

  1. A robust digital transformation strategy
  2. A firm belief in agility, and constant innovation

This high level of digital maturity requires IT to play a vital role within the organization.


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IT is a co-driver of the business

During its growth, Netafim found the digitization of its sales process a critical business priority. As a world-class manufacturer, Netafim deals with multiple challenges within their sales process. Complex engineering calculations, different geological conditions, local legal compliance, and a global footprint, make it difficult for Netafim’s direct and channel sales to prioritize opportunities and win deals.

A digital, cloud-first sales solution is needed

From the start, Netafim understood what their sales teams and distribution partners needed. seamless buying and selling experience across all engagement channels to boost business growth and customer loyalty. Adopting In Mind Cloud enabled Netafim to resolve 3 key challenges almost instantly. 

Using In Mind Cloud, Netafim optimized and accelerated: 

  • Knowledge transfer from engineer to sales 
  • Their time-to-quote for accurate projects  
  • The onboarding of new sales staff and partners

Commerce is people before technology 

Netafim recognized In Mind Cloud for what it is. A powerful, yet cost-effective manufacturing sales solution for the manufacturing industry that fully integrates all their data points to streamline the entire B2B sales process.  Netafim’s people-first approach also saw them investing ia commerce platform to create a unified digital storefront that makes it easy for customers to buy, and for sales to sell  

The resultNetafim’s direct sales and dealers now enjoy: 

  • A time-to-offer in minutes, not days 
  • High project calculation accuracy of up to 95% 
  • More deal wins with much less effort 

Digitalize for future opportunities  

Digital transformation is paying big dividends for forward-thinking manufacturers like Netafim - especially in times of economic crisis. Their sales processes are now optimized on various fronts, and their business is growing steadily thanks to efficient, and effective partner salesWith the help of In Mind Cloud, Netafim is now able to "grow more with less."

Download our Manufacturing Commerce Playbook to find out how In Mind Cloud helped Netafim launch their high-performance digital store in the shortest time possible. 

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