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Product Innovation Preview: Office 365 Integration

Posted by Sabine Kempe on Jan 7, 2020 2:44:11 PM
Sabine Kempe
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Selling manufacturing solutions has hardly ever been easy and never straight forward. Challenges arise not only from the complexities of the manufacturing solution itself and the business model. They are evenly triggered by the level of collaboration with internal and external stakeholders and, of course, the interactions with leads, opportunities and customers themselves. 

Our Manufacturing X Sales Platform provides manufacturers with the right tools to grasp exceptional opportunities for growth and commercial success. Therefore we are proud to give you a preview of our upcoming Manufacturing X product innovation that helps our customers to connect even more dots for an efficient and profitable sales process:

The Microsoft Office 365 integration for Manufacturing X 

The main benefits of the Office 365 integration for our Manufacturing CRM are:
  • View Contact, Account, Opportunity and Quote details from Manufacturing X directly in any incoming email within Office 365
  • Easily associate emails to Opportunities or Quotes to always have all relevant communication available in your sales process
  • Whilst working in Office 365, you can directly open Opportunities and Quote records without interrupting your workflow
  • Synchronize appointments created in Manufacturing X to Office 365
  • Gain a complete overview of your CRM Activities in a calendar-tile format

With the amount of interaction data involved in any stage of the sales process, the seamless integration with Office 365 boosts sales teams efficiencies once more. Hence making Manufacturing X the single source of trust that manufacturers need to successfully scale their businesses.


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Sabine Kempe

Written by Sabine Kempe

Sabine is responsible for In Mind Cloud´s marketing. A cloud solution enthusiast at heart, she is dedicated to finding answers to customers' questions before they have even been asked.

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