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Product Innovation Preview: Dynamic Dashboards

Posted by Sabine Kempe on Jan 9, 2020 1:31:08 PM
Sabine Kempe
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Sales teams in manufacturing industries have specific needs regarding their CRM dashboards. What is right for one industry and business model is irrelevant for another. But what do they all have in common? The need for real-time visual insights into sales operations to support instant and maximum informed decision making on pipeline, quote volumes, margins and deals. 

Manufacturing X supports you on a team and personal level to customize your dashboards to match your needs. Be it that your sales operations are focused on closing high-value deals rather than high-quantity or that your business has a shorter sales cycle than others.

With Dynamic Dashboards, you will see what is most relevant to YOU to boost sales performance and have all the right insights at your fingertips.

Get a preview of what is new in Manufacturing X: Dynamic Dashboards


Some features of the new Dynamic Dashboards:

  • Configure the Dashboard Tiles to your needs - for example KPIs, charts, calendar etc.
  • Easy access to a filtered list - for example get a one-click overview to know which quotes are currently in approval
  • Always stay informed about the pipeline with Pipeline Card view and Insight to Action functionalities via drag-and-drop, e.g. to change opportunity sales stages
  • Check on sales performance and get instant insights into Won-Lost-Opportunities, you can also export the data to Excel
  • Leverage the direct integration to external tools such as Microsoft Power BI and export your reports
  • Always have your Sales Activities at your fingertips and visualized as Calendar Tile, you can filter by meetings vs. tasks vs. calls to have the most relevant information visible.

Whether you're a sales manager or sales engineer, know what data is important to succeed in your goals, adjust your dashboard and leverage your analytics insights. As your dashboard becomes more relevant than ever, your productivity increases to the maximum.

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Sabine Kempe

Written by Sabine Kempe

Sabine - a manufacturing sales expert and cloud enthusiast at heart, she is dedicated to matching the challenges of manufacturing businesses with the opportunities of a digitalized world.

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