Preparing for Implementation of a Digital Sales Solution

Posted by Leo Boon Yeow on Feb 23, 2021 9:05:00 AM
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Checklist: How to kickstart your implementation for CRM, CPQ, or Commerce

The path to the next normal is not easy. Even manufacturing organizations that have embarked on their digitalization journey before the pandemic are having a hard time adjusting. While digital is key to recovery, transformation for the sake of short-term gains is not enough.

Manufacturers need to ensure their digital transformation is sustainable once the dust settles. In this case, execution excellence is critical in ensuring that your manufacturing business thrives (after it survives).

Your focus area: the sales pipeline

One of the primary areas of focus for manufacturing firms is the need to regenerate stalled sales pipelines. These pipelines have been painstakingly built using traditional methods. Having to repeat this process can take months, if not years.

In this case, digital solutions represent the fastest, most sustainable way to kickstart the stalled pipeline. However, simply digitalizing the sales process will not deliver the results needed—nor will it be sustainable. The manufacturing sales process impacts everything from production, to your backend systems, through to delivery. If it’s not done right, it can cause more harm than good.

The checklist to guarantee success in implementation


Download the Checklist: Preparing for the implementation of your Digital Sales Solution

Digitalizing the sales process requires a dedicated team and a sound strategy to get it right. It needs to start with reimagining the transformation’s potential and identifying the possible business outcomes.

Your goal here is not just the bottom line. Your goal is customer excellence, which then leads to an improved bottom line. This focus can help manufacturers stay aligned, and on course throughout the implementation of their digital sales solutions.

Implementation is hard to get right, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. To help you stay focused during your implementation phase, we’ve compiled a comprehensive checklist that acts as a guide throughout your transformation journey. This checklist comprises best practices and actions that can help ensure implementation success, and enable organization-wide change.

To find out more about how a digital sales platform can help your business, you can also consult one of our manufacturing experts.

Download the Checklist
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