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SAPPHIRE NOW 2018 Interview with In Mind Cloud CEO Dr. Christian Cuske

Posted by Charing Kam on Jul 30, 2018 12:19:00 PM
Charing Kam
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During the hectic week we had at SAP SAPPHIRE NOW 2018 last month, our CEO, Dr. Christian Cuske, also took time out of his schedule to speak to SAP about our manufacturing sales solutions. From discussing the benefits of our software positioning, to looking at the ways in which our business has used the SAP App Center, our CEO spoke about it all. 

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One of the main focuses, being at the SAPPHIRE NOW 2018 show, was of course the discussion of our long history and relationship with SAP as a partner, and how we have used SAP technologies to assist us in building our manufacturing sales solutions.

"We’ve used quite a few of SAP’s technologies, without which, I don’t think it would have been possible, such as the fast HANA database, the direct connectivity to ERP system, IoT services, all those things we’ve leveraged from the SAP Cloud Platform since the very early days." - In Mind Cloud CEO, Dr. Christian Cuske

Dr. Christian Cuske also spoke about the SAP App Center in particular as being an important tool that our business has used to great results, from being the first transaction on the App Center to closing one of our biggest deals. 

"Our engagement with the SAP App Center is directly tied to our SAP Cloud Platform experience. We’ve been using the technologies provided there, and it was the first way to digitally sell the products and applications that we as partners have built, we immediately took advantage of it.

So I think we’ve been on the App Center from the moment it came out…we had the first App Center transaction, ever, last year, and recently we’ve done one of our biggest transactions ever in our company history, via the App Center." - In Mind Cloud CEO, Dr. Christian Cuske

See the full interview below: 


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