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Posted by Sabine Kempe on Mar 8, 2022 10:00:00 PM
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Globally trusted SaaS provider makes selling easier for North American manufacturers through its digitally-enabled automated sales solution and expanding its footprint into the United States.


Chicago, March 8, 2022In Mind Cloud, the independent digital sales platform purpose-built for manufacturers, announces the expansion of its Digital Sales Platform in North America with its newly opened Chicago office and the recent appointment of Dominic Starr as director of sales of North America.

In Mind Cloud’s market expansion tracks the tremendous growth of the business worldwide as the company re-invents complex sales processes to be simple for B2B customers and manufacturing sellers alike. The latest expansion also allows In Mind Cloud to provide more dedicated sales and support resources to both current and future customers across North America.

U.S. manufacturing is surging in the current business environment, with activity above pre-covid and historical levels. Yet, despite the positive trend, industry experts and analyst firms such as Deloitte, highlight several growing challenges for manufacturers. These include disrupted supply chains and higher customer turnover as clients seek convenient self-service, faster product customizations, and quotations, as well as a seamless after-sales experience.

Historically, there has been a lack of specialized sales software that delivers digitization, commerce, speed, and scalability, as it has been known in consumer retail, financial, hospitality, and travel industries for years. The complex manufacturing buying, and selling process has defied the ability to easily provide consumeresque experiences and has been historically left behind. In Mind Cloud uniquely addresses the need to simplify manufacturing sales with its natively integrated, purpose-built Digital Sales Platform.

Dominic Starr, Director of North American Sales, said: “Historically, the organization’s effort to deliver high-quality offers and ultimately products in manufacturing were manual, time-consuming, detail-driven, and often siloed. In 2022, these issues pose an unacceptable risk to margins, customer retention, and market share. As manufacturers bulletproof their customer experience goals with a digital sales strategy, they nurture the customer journey from introduction all the way to… forever.”

“We feel the pain of our U.S. customers, who are increasingly frustrated with standard sales enablement software that is not made for the manufacturing industry,” said Christian Cuske, CEO of In Mind Cloud. “In Mind Cloud is ready to help U.S. manufacturers break free of the way that they currently do business and ensure they become easier to buy from.”

The scalable digital platform streamlines manufacturing sales processes from lead qualification to commerce to quotation to after-market sales. It also provides a 360-degree view of customers, partners, suppliers, and products. With features such as intelligent visual commerce, real-time accurate sales automation, 24/7 self-service, and best-match customer solutions from standard to lot size one, the platform offers a digitally guided, visual buying experience for the entire manufacturing sales process.

With In Mind Cloud, customers can:

  • Increase revenue: Place the right offers in front of the right audience at the right time to obtain greater win rates, fewer lost sales, larger deal sizes, greater retention, and increased follow-on sales.
  • Reduce costs: Unite the entire manufacturing sales process with efficient collaboration and seamless processes to eliminate misconfigurations, costing inaccuracies, and order errors.
  • Improve sales efficiencies: Enable superior sales automation and efficiency for faster deals, greater sales team productivity, forecast, and prioritize for best quantity-quality ratio.
  • Achieve competitive advantage: Unlock sales agility and fast innovation to market, 24/7 self-service offers for customers and ecosystems, greater customer service for high satisfaction rates, and repeat business.


About In Mind Cloud

In Mind Cloud is an independent provider of a cloud-based manufacturing sales platform with the mission to empower manufacturers and accelerate their sales operations. The In Mind Cloud Digital Sales Platform is designed to streamline manufacturing sales processes to achieve maximum efficiency, reduce costs, gain competitive advantage, and increase revenue. Since 2012, In Mind Cloud has been serving a global customer base of leading manufacturers through its offices in Singapore, Germany, and the US. 


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