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Posted by Sabine Kempe on Jun 6, 2019 11:16:03 AM
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We are proud to announce that one of the top B2B business technology provider, SAP, has recognized In Mind Cloud as an expert for Digital Sales in Manufacturing. This recognition is reflected in SAP's Gold Guide, an annual brochure that highlights the best partners that their customers can work with to improve their businesses. 

The Gold Guide shines a light on vision, strategy and value of the SAP Customer Experience portfolio and SAP C/4HANA suite. It also includes exclusive content such as thoughts and insights on how businesses can turn the latest innovation into best practices. SAP also discusses in detail relevant topics using industry use cases, customer case studies, and undiscovered facts around SAP C/4HANA.

"To win in the experience economy, you have to manage your customer’s experience across all channels; because it may be your business, but its your customer’s experience that becomes the competitive differentiator."
Alex Atzberger,
SAP Customer Experience

In Mind Cloud has been included in this year's guide as an expert when it comes to transforming manufacturing sales and amplifying the value of SAP ERP, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Sales Cloud, and SAP Commerce Cloud with the In Mind Cloud Digital Sales Platform. 

Download the latest edition of the SAP Gold Guide to learn more about how In Mind Cloud works together with SAP. Discover how In Mind Cloud and SAP can help manufacturers improve sales with best-in-class cloud-based software aimed at streamlining the complex manufacturing sales process. 

Dive in and read more in the Gold Guide or find our Digital Edition in the SAP App Center!



SAP Customer Experience Gold Guide from In Mind Cloud

Do you want to see the Manufacturing Sales Platform live? We are happy to give you the tour in a demo! Do you have any other questions about features, functions, integration scenarios and our product scope? We're ready for you!

Sabine Kempe

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