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Posted by Sabine Kempe on Feb 28, 2020 3:19:45 PM
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We are proudly presenting In Mind Cloud Dig Sales Platform product release 20/02! With this release, In Mind Cloud continues to focus on improving the outstanding usability of the platform to boost the value of selected features for our customers in manufacturing industries.

1. Powerful Activity Management

In a sales-driven process, activity management is a central component to track each customer interaction and schedule upcoming activities that help a sales rep move a customer through a funnel. Most productive and successful sales reps understand the importance of a properly defined activity management process, as it helps them to better understand a customer’s interaction history, collaborate with their colleagues more efficiently and stay on top of important deadlines pertaining to a sales cycle. Sales Managers at the same time gain important insights which can be used to further improve the sales process, coach and onboard sales reps.

With the 20/02 release we have introduced a new task management capability to quickly create and distribute tasks and link them to complex sales cycles in opportunities or when managing quotes for manufacturing-as-a-service. 

mx 2002 release activity management

2. Enhanced Sales Insights

As part of our strategic investment into a state-of-the-art user experience of our Digital Sales Platform as well as delivering sales effectiveness capabilities, we have set out to deliver a new concept of a homepage as well as overview pages. Both allow end-users to instantly obtain and digest critical information, e.g. about the pipeline, specific deals, and sales KPIs to empower sales teams and managers to take immediate 2002 release sales insights homepage

Get more details in our Release Notes now.

More Features

What else did we pack into our 20/02 release? Examples are newly introduced visibility rules around accounts and contacts, editing sales text at item level, updating prices on change of additional pricing relevant fields and more:

3. Standardized Account Access for Direct and Distribution Sales

4. General-Purpose Scripting Interface for Configuration

5. Multiple Formatted Text for Line Items

6. Enhanced External Pricing Control

7. Validation Rules for Google Maps Integration

8. Redesign: Copy Items from Existing Quote

9. Enhancement: Product Configuration Excel Upload


Our goal is to help manufacturing businesses unlock further growth potential and increase sales efficiency. Do you want to find out how our new enhancements look like in detail? Download our release notes!

Do you want to see our Digital Sales Platform in action? Book a demo!

Download 20/02 Product Release here

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