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Top 3 Manufacturing Industry 4.0 News You Should Know In November

Posted by Charing Kam on Oct 31, 2018 5:08:53 PM
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October was a spectacular month for our team: we took part in both the SAP CX Live Summit 2018 (in Barcelona) as well as the inaugural Industrial Transformation Asia Pacific (ITAP) 2018 here in Singapore! 

Before we move into November, then, let's look back at some of the interesting Industry 4.0 news of this month:

Volkswagen goes to Shanghai

Right on the heels of Tesla announcing their foray into China, Volkswagen has announced their own plans to build a factory near Shanghai. This isn't just any other factory, though.

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The Shanghai plant will be made purely for vehicles that ride on VW's Modular Electric Drive Matrix (MEB) car platform, such as the the I.D. Buzz and I.D. Crozz, which will go into production when the factory opens in 2020. 

As per CNet, "through Volkswagen's MEB platform, we will be able to easily produce state-of-the-art electric vehicles for our Chinese customers on a high scale," Herbert Diess, Volkswagen Group's board chairman, said.

Besides the focus on electric vehicles, another promising application of new Industry 4.0 technologies is in the factory itself, which will be built to have minimal impact on the environment as well as employ 'more than 1,400 advanced robots to improve safety and efficiency'. 

Malaysia is the next Industry 4.0 adopter

Southeast Asia is quickly jumping on board the Industry 4.0 train. After Singapore  and Indonesia, Malaysia has launched their own National Policy on Industry 4.0. With the name 'Industry4WRD', the country will implement a 4-pronged strategy, unveiled today, as per The Star Online

The four specific goals announced on Wednesday are:

1. To increase the level of productivity in the manufacturing industry per person from RM106,647 by 30%;
2. To elevate the absolute contribution of the manufacturing sector to the economy from RM254bil to RM392bil.
3. To strengthen the country’s innovation capacity and capability as reflected by the improvement in Global Innovation Index ranking from 35th spot to top 30 and; 
4. To increase the number of high-skilled workers  in the manufacturing sector from 18% to 35%.

Texas Instruments breaks new ground

When it comes to processing the amount of data that Industry 4.0 creates, it can be tough for manufacturers, who cannot even start to use all the Industry 4.0 solutions in their factories and processes.

Top 4 Manufacturing industry 4.0 news (Oct) (4)

Texas Instruments seems to have created a solution for manufacturers: the industry’s first multiprotocol gigabit (Gb) time-sensitive networking (TSN)-enabled processor family. 

 "The highly integrated Sitara AM6x processor family provides industrial-grade reliability, with quad and dual Arm Cortex-A53 core variants built to meet the rapidly evolving needs of Industry 4.0 in factory automation, motor drives and grid infrastructure." - Texas Instruments

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