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Top 3 Manufacturing Industry 4.0 News You Should Know In January 2019

Posted by Charing Kam on Dec 28, 2018 5:10:09 PM
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2018 has been a whirlwind of innovation in the realm of Industry 4.0. From the rise of Southeast Asia, to the focus on IIoT and Predictive Maintenance, 2018 has not been short on Industry 4.0 projects and triumphs.

Before 2018 ends, here are 3 pieces of Industry 4.0 announcements that all manufacturers should know:

BMW and Porsche Charge Cars Faster Than Tesla

When thinking about battery-powered cars, most carmakers tend to compare their products against the Tesla Superchargers. According to Industry Week, though, BMW AG and Porsche might have just taken the lead in this competition; the companies, in collaboration with Siemens AG, Allego GmbH, and Phoenix Contact E-Mobility GmbH, have “unveiled a charging station that can jolt electric vehicles with enough power to drive 100 kilometers (62 miles) in less than three minutes”.

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A test charge (of up to 80%) took just 15 minutes, half of what Tesla’s stations require. This achievement is thanks to the charging station’s 450-kilowatt capacity, which is triple of the Superchargers.

UK’s Aerospace Sector Goes High-Tech

Top 4 Manufacturing industry 4.0 news (Dec) (3)

The UK government has announced a new Aerospace Sector Deal with the Aerospace Industry, as the latter shows consistent revenue growth over the last few years. The deal includes a £250m Future Flight Challenge, which will be used to “developing new ground infrastructure and aircraft technology that will hopefully make the aerospace industry more environmentally-friendly”, as per The Manufacturer.

Autonomous air vehicles are also part of that equation, helping with airspace management. At the same time, GKN, the international aerospace supplier, will receive £15m in government funding to build a new centre that will work on “additive manufacturing (AM), advanced composites, assembly and industry 4.0 processes”.

Mouldmakers Invest in MES

Moulders Plastikos Inc. and Roechling Medical Rochester, who have segued into mainly medical moulding, have both invested heavily in Industry 4.0 solutions, with the implementation of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) in their factories.

Plastics Technology speaks about the process and benefits of implementing the system; the MES hub allows data exchange that shows information such as the machine overview, OEE, and more. Preventive Maintenance can also be scheduled using their system, the Arburg ALS host-computer system.

Per Plastics Technology,

“Roechling is very focused on Industry 4.0—digitalization and leveraging technology to coordinate the manufacturing process. Electronic information helps us gain insight into efficiency and what’s happening on the factory floor—automatically.” - Joe Lenhardt, V.P. of Operations, Roechling Medical Rochester.

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