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Posted by Sabine Kempe on Feb 1, 2021 4:55:58 PM
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Your B2B customers are becoming increasingly demanding. They want first-class quotes in record time and a consistent customer experience regardless of the engagement channel.

At In Mind Cloud, we are committed in the continuous innovation and improvement of our Digital Sales Platform. Our goal is to help manufacturing businesses like yours, meet customer demands and develop new strategies to meet the demands of the market. We are therefore proud to present the latest Digital Sales Platform Product Release 21/02.

1. Commerce - More Intuitive, More Available

2102 release news 01 - Visual product finderFind the most relevant products with the Visual Product Finder

  • Submit inquiries and quote requests for configurable machines via the customer portal 24/7 as a faster alternative to ordering via phone or email.
  • Your customers can quickly find matching spare parts & consumables by browsing through machines in the visual product finder, or find other relevant information (like manuals, specs).
  • The improved UI & UX of the software makes it even more user-friendly. It facilitates maximum adoption with faster configuration, easy upselling, and uncomplicated sales. 

2. CPQ - Faster configuration, Faster quotes

2102 release news 02 - Improved UIFaster, more efficient configuration with the new user interface

  • The user interface of our CPQ has been vastly improved for better efficiency. It now features visual configuration, and guided (process-oriented) configuration that results in lightning fast quote creation.
  • One of our key focus in this update was to streamline user workflows and remove potential bottlenecks. Your customers can now benefit from seamless end-to-end configuration without leaving configuration workspace. All configuration can be done neatly, and efficiently from a single screen.
  • The Help Panel is a critical source of information that helps transfer complex knowledge to new users and customers alike. You now have to ability to enrich this knowledge repository with attractive graphics, critical documents, and rich text (text formatting).

3. CRM - Better UX, better productivity

2102 release news 03 - Server-side syncIntelligent CRM population with powerful email integration

  • Customer behavior is a critical aspect of forecasting. With the new and improved CRM, you get full visibility of any and all Commerce orders, directly in your CRM. This feature enables true 360° account overview and deliver actionable insights into buyer behavior.
  • In this update, we added powerful email integration into our CRM. Sales can now leverage server-side sync (bi-directional sync) for instant population of the CRM from GSuite and Outlook. This feature eliminates the traditional, time-wasting effort of manually populating the CRM.  
  • While front-facing features are exciting, backend features are key to an excellent user experience. We added some new features like mass provisioning, remote add-in installation, and monitoring for effortless administration of your CRM.

Find out how this latest software update takes our Digital Sales Platform several steps towards our goal of transforming digital sales in the manufacturing industry.  

Learn what else is new in the latest 21/02 release of our Digital Sales Platform.

Download 21/02 Product Release Summary here
Sabine Kempe

Written by Sabine Kempe

Sabine - a digital enthusiast at heart, she is dedicated to matching the challenges of manufacturing businesses with the opportunities of a digitalized world.

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