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Interviews With The Team: Jaime Li, VP, Marketing

Posted by Charing Kam on Nov 12, 2018 4:00:00 PM
Charing Kam
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This is the second in a series of interviews with our In Mind Cloud team as a celebration of our 6 year anniversary and the launch of our Manufacturing X sales platform. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest blog posts, or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to keep up with our news!

We first spoke to our CEO, Dr. Christian Cuske, on the history and future of In Mind Cloud. This time, we speak to our Vice-President for Marketing, Ms. Jaime Li.

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Charing: Could you give us a little background as to your experience and career trajectory leading up to In Mind Cloud?

Jaime: I consider myself to be a strategic marketing professional with deep experience in boosting growth in APAC through an integrated approach including branding, product positioning, launches, market research and GTM. I have successfully productised services offerings, initiated CRM processes, developed digital marketing and social media strategies, organised large-scale conferences and tradeshows. My specialisation is in the realm of information Technology, software, hardware, SaaS, cloud, IoT and digital transformation in both the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) areas.

As a team leader, I have hired and nurtured proficient, high performance multi-disciplinary marketing teams. Having worked with multinationals, I have developed a mature, regional and global mindset, and I am familiar in working with multiple stakeholders, from different cultures, with diversified needs. I hold a MBA (Manchester Business School) and Bachelors in Computer Science (NUS, University Scholar Program).


Charing: Can you enlighten us on marketing to manufacturers in these different regions?

Jaime: In general, the drive to co-create successful transformation journey with customers, understanding where your customers come from and where they need to be, are essential elements to designing a good marketing mix.

When it comes to different regions, it is important for a marketer to be aware of different cultures, target markets, historical events, trends of marketing potentials in the past. Instead of 'translation', I would prefer using the word 'localization', as it determines the appropriate use of language, the adaptations on product and service and insights on target markets. 


Charing: What are your three biggest achievements in the last few years of In Mind Cloud?

Jaime: Wow (laughs) Although it feels like years, it is only my 8th month here! Within this time, though, we have already achieved quite a lot; from building and leading the best-in-class global marketing team and business development, to the repositioning of In Mind Cloud’s solutions in the industry, to designing processes and setting up best practices for the marketing department for lead nurturing and events.


Charing: What major threats and opportunities do you foresee for manufacturers in the next few years?

Jaime: Manufacturers are often pressurized by rising product complexity, the quintessential requirement to convert prospects and the astute need to control margin. The results of the mitigation of such short-term scenarios often prevent manufacturers from having a clear view of the long-term goal – the need to embark on a digitalisation journey.

If we were to examine the trends of different sub-verticals, there are recurring conversations on sustainability, optimization and automation across mechanical engineering, automotive, electronics, and precision engineering sectors. In addition, we see recurring transformation trends namely: IoT, AI and machine learning, automation, improved speed and agility and data & analytics across the manufacturing industry. Consequently, the crux of staying ahead of Industry 4.0 will be providing a unique platform to counter commoditization, increasing speed to market and delivering a customized experience.


Charing: What are you most excited about for the In Mind Cloud Marketing team in the next 6 months?

Jaime: We are looking forward to continue pushing in terms of online marketing initiatives, especially in terms of providing more resources to manufacturers who are looking to digitalise their manufacturing sales processes. At the same time, we are planning for roadshows in EMEA and China, which will be very exciting. The new Manufacturing X platform also has a roadmap that we are looking forward to release to manufacturers. 

Charing: What is your personal motto?

Jaime: I participate in Triathlons, Bike races and Marathons, so my personal motto in life has always been: if you don’t come here to do your best, go home.

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Charing Kam

Written by Charing Kam

Charing is responsible for In Mind Cloud's Inbound Marketing initiatives. A content marketing enthusiast, she works to find out how consumers make decisions and aims to help them along the way.

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