In Mind Cloud - Digital Sales Platform 23/05 Release

Posted by Tan Su Min on May 1, 2023 12:00:00 AM
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All ready for sales wins in 2023-H2!

With this release, we have further strengthened the Digital Sales Platform as your end-to-end manufacturing sales solution.

As a platform that supports your team's activities by day, and runs automated checks and processes by night, the Digital Sales Platform ensures that your sales processes are as smooth and error-free as possible. 

Here are a few highlights of the latest enhancements made:


eCommerce Sales Portal – Equipment-Product BOM sync


Streamline maintenance of BOMs shared between equipment and products

Why maintain the same Bill-of-Material (BOM) twice - one for Equipment, another for Product?

That is a question no one needs to ask. Simply indicate in the system that the BOM of a product is the one to be used for an equipment, and avoid the hassle. 

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eCommerce Sales Portal – Payment confirmation with transaction details


Capture and retrieve critical information of purchases made

A completed order does not mean an end to an alliance. Close any information gap on users who completed direct purchases and maintain the relationship as you follow up and provide customer support as needed, with order and payment details captured in the system. 

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eCommerce Sales Portal – Choice of default placeholder image


Fully customise look and feel to match corporate branding guidelines

From colours, to specific visuals, you can ensure a smooth overall user browsing experience for your customers as you further customise elements of the portal to fit corporate branding and design guidelines. The aftersales self-service experience can be a comfortable one for your customers, filled with a sense of familiarity and confidence. 

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CPQ - Mass assigning of product tags

mass tags-1

Easily create complete product catalogues with comprehensive details 

Time is of the essence for all - your operations team who prepare and update product catalogues, as well as your sales team who search and prepare quotes with product information. 

Managing full product catalogues can be a chaotic affair if items are not properly categorised or classified. Identification and selection of the right product may be a confusing and frustrating process if not for clear tagging of labels. You need not worry about such time-wasters, with multiple product tags maintained for each product, which can be quickly assigned through excel upload! 

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CPQ - Enable groovy background tasks


Automate periodic checks run using groovy script

The clock never stops for companies in the global manufacturing industry. You can stay up to speed with updated product information at all times, as background system tasks can be set to run even while system users may not be actively online. 

A variety of tasks can be set up to run regularly in the background, including periodic checks to reduce errors and ensure smooth workflows. 

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These are just some of the latest updates we made to the In Mind Cloud Digital Sales Platform. Download the full product release to discover all the new improvements we have made to help our customers be more efficient at manufacturing sales

Download 23/05 Release

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