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Posted by Leo Boon Yeow on Jul 27, 2022 2:35:48 PM
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This release focused on making our Digital Sales Platform more powerful than before. We made multiple improvements to the platform that enables smoother and faster administration. Our goal is to enable a more streamlined process so that your innovations can reach the market faster. On the end-user side, we added several UX enhancements that help our users perform their daily tasks more efficiently so that your manufacturing business can keep up with increasing customer demands.  

ECommerce Sales Portal – Efficient mass maintenance of spare parts catalog

mass maintain spare part catalogue

Expanding your spare parts catalog with 2D/3D visualization is now simpler and faster

By digitizing the spare parts catalog, customers can find products and solutions much faster than from a traditional catalog. With hotspots, this process becomes even faster. However, mapping these hotspots requires some effort to get right. With this improvement, we've made it much easier and faster for manufacturers to set up their 2D catalogs. The system uses embedded information from SVG files generated by your CAD system to assign the correct hotspot locations, reducing the need to define the right hotspots for the right spare part manually. 

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CPQ - Guided selling setup experience

Guided selling image upload

Setting up guided selling is now much faster and easier

Guided selling is a proven approach to helping customers discover what they need. This feature is especially critical for manufacturers with a large number of products. Updating images in the Guided Selling feature in the Digital Sales Platform can be extremely time-consuming for manufacturers with massive portfolios. To help streamline this critical step, we completely automated the image upload process. Administrators can now upload a zip folder with the relevant images and the question and answer sets, while the system automatically handles the rest. 

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CPQ - Fewer high-impact user-induced errors

Configurator enhancements

More intuitive design helps eliminate unnecessary high-impact user-induced errors

In manufacturing, errors can have a devastating effect on the business. Some of the worst offenders are user-induced. In this release, we added a UI update that helps eliminate high-impact, user-induced errors as much as possible. Users can now easily navigate between line-item pricing & partners and back to configuration without going to the bill-of-materials. The system also performs a completeness check and highlights any errors it finds. Quotes that contain errors can also be blocked. With the tooltip, any ambiguity is removed, and the user will be 100% sure that the right values have been selected. 

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CPQ - Faster processing of pricing item table

Pricing item table UXVX improvements

Easily differentiate between editable and non-editable fields at a glance

Manufacturing sales quotations often feature large numbers of items. They are usually content-heavy and can be confusing at first glance. Our new UX/VX improvements help address this problem by helping our users easily navigate the details. Inactive rows, non-editable fields, and easily identified, leading to less confusion regarding currencies and percentages so that users can create quotes faster and more efficiently with fewer errors. 

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CPQ - Enhanced document security and proposal workflow

Jasper library upgrade to prevent editing of proposal PDF output

Documents can be locked to improve security and prevent internal confusion

Quotations are essential documents that can affect the entire business. In the 22/08 release, we worked on addressing security for these documents. We upgraded the system to prevent the editing of proposal PDFs generated by the system with encryption and password protection. This helps improve document security and eliminate internal confusion from the quotation workflow. 

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These are just some of the latest updates we made to the In Mind Cloud Digital Sales Platform. Download the full product release to discover all the new improvements we have made to help our customers be more efficient at manufacturing sales

Download 22/08 Release
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