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Posted by Leo Boon Yeow on Jan 28, 2022 12:00:00 PM
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Thank you for your interest in the In Mind Cloud 22/02 release. This year, our focus is to take the Digital Sales Platform to a new level of efficiency. We want to help our users outperform themselves with each upgrade. Instead of simply accelerating performance, we also added enhancements aimed at assisting users in working smarter and faster. Here's a roundup of the best new improvements that our users can look forward to using. 

eCommerce Sales Portal - Smoother self-registration for new leads

eCommerce - This image shows how manufacturers can enable the Google Address Autocomplete feature in the Digital Sales Platform

Enabling the Google Address Autocomplete feature allows for a smoother self-registration experience

  • In B2B manufacturing eCommerce, self-service is becoming the norm. It empowers customers with 24/7, automated access to the manufacturing business. Customers only need to create an account, and they can perform tasks themselves. By logging in, they can easily check lead times, see inventory levels, make payments, or purchase spare parts—without having to contact sales. Self-service is a powerful way to eliminate the cost and burden of manual tasks from sales. To encourage your customers to sign up, we are continuously striving to improve the self-registration process. In our latest update, we made the even smoother with the Google Address Autocomplete feature. Using this feature, the user simply enters a few keywords, and a list of the most appropriate addresses will be available for them to choose from. 
    Learn more in our support channel. 

eCommerce Sales Portal - Compare details of multiple variants at a glance

Direct variant comparison lets your customers find the correct variant at a glance

  • Your customers know what they need from your business. But with complex products, even minor deviations from their requirements could cause the deal to break down. In this update, the new variant comparison feature lets customers visually compare specification details of the closest options. The ability to compare multiple variants can help customers identify and buy the right products from your business easily and quickly. Learn more in our support channel.

eCommerce Sales Portal - Customize standard variants to find the best-match product 

ECommerce - variant customization

The ability to customize variants helps your customers buy the best-match variants they need

  • Purchasers can sometimes find it difficult to find products from your business that fit their exact requirements. But that does not mean your business is unable to offer what they need. With this new feature, your customers can select standard variants that meet most of their requirements and customize these variants further into the best-match products they want to buy. In addition, the cost of producing and buying the product does not increase substantially due to partial configuration, as opposed to a complete configuration of the product.  
    Learn more in our support channel.

CPQ - Simplified work distribution with "Assign Quote(s) to me"

CPQ - Assign quote to self

Users can now easily assign quotes to themselves and plan their time better

  • Good work distribution is critical for a highly productive sales team. The ability to discover unassigned quotes and quickly assign them can help manufacturers improve productivity and ensure all quotes are served. Our latest update empowers sales reps to find unassigned quotes fast. They then have the flexibility of assigning those unclaimed quotes to themselves and reduces the chances of missing out on potential opportunities.  
    Learn more in our support channel

CPQ - Neater cross-collaboration on quote versions

CPQ - Improved collaboration

Users can now prevent unwanted versions of a quote when the original is pending input

  • Cross-collaboration is key when building complex manufacturing quotes. However, when this process is not managed, multiple versions of a quote can appear. When that happens, sales would have to waste time correcting the discrepancies. To prevent this from happening, we've added a new feature that lets users disable the creation of new quote versions when the original has been routed to other departments for validation or technical input. 
    Learn more in our support channel.

Digital Sales Platform - Improved data quality with custom validation and defaulting logic 

CPQ - Custom validation

The Digital Sales Platform now allows more flexibility when ensuring data quality

  • The ability to ensure data quality is a key strength of the Digital Sales Platform. In our latest update, we added a feature that uses Groovy scripts to provide more flexibility in how data hygiene can be maintained. Users can now define validation and defaulting logic instead of using the default industry standard logic. This new capability helps manufacturers ensure that data quality is fully compliant with company requirements and standards. 
    Learn more in our support channel.

Digital Sales Platform - Ensure data integrity with internal & external links

Digital sales platform - Reference internal and external links

Internal and external links enable easier navigation between objects and references and ensure data integrity

  • In manufacturing sales, maintaining data hygiene is critical. When an error occurs in the sales process, it can lead to many others that result in unnecessary costs or even lost deals. In the 2202 release, we introduce the ability to link objects for easier referencing. Text fields can be treated as hyperlinks so that the user can navigate between object and reference faster. These links can point to line items in a sub-quote, or to external applications and links. This feature ensures that users reference the correct data source, and reduces the chances of introducing errors into the system.
    Learn more in our support channel.

These are just some of the latest updates we made to the In Mind Cloud Digital Sales Platform. Download the full product release to discover all the new improvements we have made to help our customers be more efficient at manufacturing sales


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