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Posted by Leo Boon Yeow on Jul 30, 2021 1:06:17 PM
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In manufacturing sales, your customers care about speed. But for manufacturers, speed in sales needs to be followed up with accuracy, performance, and attention to detail. That is why we made these elements the focus of our latest 21/08 update. In this update, our users can expect upgrades to the Digital Sales Platform that can help you work faster, and sell better. 

1. New In Mind Cloud branding

  • Our platform is dedicated to ‘creating consistently remarkable sales experiences.’ The new branding reflects that in user experience.


In Mind Cloud's new branding communicates our dedication to continuously improve our product

  • Our new and leaner brand visuals prioritize usability above aesthetics. Our users can now navigate the Digital Sales Platform faster, and more efficiently than before. 

2. Salesforce integration - Seamless, pre-built, instant

In Mind Cloud Manufacturing CPQ Salesforce integration

Start using In Mind Cloud's powerful quoting features when using Salesforce CRM

  • Seamless integration allows any manufacturer to quickly onboard and create manufacturing-ready quotes right within their Salesforce account and opportunity screen without disruption to their sales IT technology stack.
  • The powerful MuleSoft connector with pre-built integration content can be used as an accelerator to sync accounts and contacts and adapted easily for any custom fields and logic. Learn more in our support portal.

3. eCommerce - Self-registration for faster onboarding

In Mind Cloud Manufacturing Commerce self registration feature

Self-registration is a powerful new feature that lets manufacturers explore new opportunities

  • Self-registration allows effortless onboarding of prospects to leverage commerce as a new channel for inbound leads. Get more details from our support channel. 
  • Various performance updates throughout the commerce platform reduce screen loading times, and enhances the user experience to improve digital adoption rates. 

4. Quote Management & Configuration - Accelerated experience


Users can quickly perform detailed side-by-side variant comparisons to accelerate their decision-making process

  • Product comparison lets users quickly access relevant product information, and compare up to 5 product variants at any point during configuration. Learn more in our support channel.
  • Enhanced quoting experience with system upgrades that improve system performance, quotation convenience, and user productivity. 

5. CRM - Streamlined sales process

  • Improved real-time collaboration through 'virtual teams'

In Mind Cloud Manufacturing CRM collaboration

Take charge of complex sales scenarios with orchestrated and laser-focused collaboration between teams

  • Enhanced homepage and pipeline view let users quickly find the data they need to uncover opportunities. 

pipeline and homepageMake your weekly forecast preparation more efficient with Pipeline View

  • Activity management helps manufacturers manage and keep track of the complete interaction history.
  • Improved Outlook integration with enhanced user experience, functionality, and contact search via LinkedIn and Facebook. 


The In Mind Cloud Digital Sales Platform is delivered as Software as a Service that receives quarterly updates. Our goal is to improve and accelerate your manufacturing sales so your business can exceed customer expectations and achieve your personal business goals. 

For more details about the latest 21/08 release of our Digital Sales Platform, download the full product release!


Download 21/08 Release
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