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Posted by Leo Boon Yeow on May 3, 2021 11:52:54 AM
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In 2021, speed and agility are critical traits of a successful manufacturing business. Your customers are accelerating their digitalization efforts and expect no less from your business.

Our manufacturing-focused Digital Sales Platform is designed to help you achieve sales success. As a cloud-native manufacturing sales SaaS, we are committed to providing you with consistent updates with little to no downtime.

Here are the latest updates of our Digital Sales Platform, which we are confident will help you achieve your manufacturing sales goals faster.

1. Commerce - The Power to Sell More

commerce inquiry 2105 release

Customers can now kickstart the buying process with self-serve inquiries

  • Empower customers to kickstart the negotiation process with self-serve inquiry. Customers can now configure and submit inquiries on their own—allowing sales to focus on sealing the deal. Get more details at our support portal.
  • New visual and performance enhancements make our commerce platform much easier to use. The learning curve is made gentler to ensure higher user adoption rates.
  • Companies can now grant restricted access to prospect users to browse the product catalog. Permissions on a user level control what users can see and which actions they can execute.

2. Customer management - Greater focus on productivity

home page analytics 2105

Homepage analytics puts critical decision-making information right at your fingertips

3. Quote management - The Efficiency and Accuracy You Need

configuration experience 2105-1

Configuration workspace is designed to delight the users

  • Configuration experience

    • To help you become more efficient, we added a new feature that lets you personalize the configuration workspace according to how you use it. Now, users can paginate the workspace to display information that matters. This helps reduce visual clutter while at the same time, improve system performance for faster configuration.
    • In manufacturing, the business is always moving—that means your knowledge base can get outdated quickly. To solve this challenge, we added a feature that instantly verifies the knowledge base you are working on against the latest in the system. Now you can always quote with 100% confidence using the latest knowledge base.
  • Pricing accuracy

    • We've enhanced our pricing capabilities even further to support global rollouts of your products and services. 
  • Quoting convenience

    • Manufacturers are now able to sell more variants of their products easily. Users can replace variants anytime without losing manually maintained information.
    • Approval speed is key to winning deals. In this update, we eliminate a potential approval bottleneck by providing the approving party with all the necessary information directly in the approval request email. This helps speed up the process significantly.
    • A new system update allows background processing to be possible when creating large AutoCAD files. This allows users to be more productive and continue with the quotation process without having to wait. Updates to the user interface also give more meaningful information to the user when selecting sales items for CAD generation.


Your success is our top priority. This is the reason why we are constantly working to improve on our Digital Sales Platform. We hope that these latest updates will help improve your business productivity.

You can get more details about the latest 21/05 release of the In Mind Cloud Digital Sales Platform by downloading the full product release from the link below.


Download 21/05 Release
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