How To Create the Perfect Customer Journey in Machine Manufacturing

Posted by Michael Bucko on Jul 1, 2019 2:52:53 PM
Michael Bucko
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When we are talking about sales processes, how does that look like in your personal life? Let’s say it’s my wife’s birthday. I go online and check a few stores to find the perfect gift for her. I am browsing around and actually find a jacket that she would really like. In my chosen online store, I select the size and color and I get immediate price feedback. Everything looks good so I put it in the virtual basket. 

I check out within minutes and I am getting a delivery date which is before my wife's actual birthday. So that experience was really smooth and above that my wife is happy with her birthday gift. You all know what that means. 😉 For our anniversary next month, I’ll probably return to that online store. 


the consumer journey vs the b2b manufacturing customer journey


The question is: Why can't we have the same experience in manufacturing sales, specifically in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Machines industries?

The reality in the machine manufacturing industry looks like that: My needs as a professional customer are a bit more complex than just buying a jacket. Thus, I have to reach out to different vendors.

  • Vendor A might not even be able to return my RFQ within the time frame given.
  • Vendor C might not be capable to fulfil my requirements.

But Vendor B can offer the customer journey that I need to actually purchase from him. He is providing me with the right offer, at the right time. He is delivering to his promise and on top, I am satisfied with the usage of the machine that I ordered. He is even able to fulfill the additional needs that I develop during using the machine over the years.


the consumer journey vs the b2b manufacturing customer journey2

How can manufacturers in Mechanical Engineering industries deliver this customer journey, sell better and retain customers?

If you are keen to get the answer, I invite you to watch the replay of our recent webinar: "Industry Talk on Industrial Machines / Mechanical Engineering Sales Scenarios".

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It is part of a webinar series where I and my colleagues talk about our vast experience of industry best practices and sales solutions for different manufacturing verticals. 

Michael Bucko

Written by Michael Bucko

Michael is In Mind Cloud's Senior Regional Sales Manager for EMEA and North America. He also takes care of our Partner Program and is an expert in manufacturing IT needs.

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