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Posted by Dominic Starr on Mar 6, 2023 10:13:29 AM
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It’s spring of 2023, your sales plans are locked in and plans to protect margin, deliver the revenue plan and stabilize the base have been discussed, scrutinized, negotiated and eventually agreed to internally.  The budget is slim… or slimmer than recent years as the global economy has slowed in most sectors, cash is expensive and labor markets are changing on a daily basis. 

The global market has changed, your sales enablement strategy should support that change

For most discrete and contract manufacturers, the decision to digitize the back office and even the front office has been made; full steam ahead since the boom in 2021 to bring tools, workflow, and predictability into the quote to cash process with a keen eye on efficiency and scalability. Right?   Not quite.  While some have begun the process of clarifying options, others started then stopped in order to keep up with the surge in customer orders and perhaps some opportunistic M&A activity in the past 12 months.  Things feel different in 2023 and many manufacturers believe now is the time to complete the CPQ journey.  CPQ, isn’t that a middle office function?

Now is the time to complete the digitalization plan from end to end

The good news is that the line between front and backend, goes straight through the middle office.  Generic CPQs are exclusively in the middle, however, complete CPQs go end to end supporting the digitalization and automation strategies in operations that lead to growth in the bottom line  and come with high ROI.  The configure, price and quote (CPQ) solution that is right for you is right here, available to you in this download from Forrester. The Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) Solutions Landscape, Q1 2023 authored by V.P, Principal Analyst Robert Munoz is a treasure trove of information regarding 37 vendors in a very competitive landscape.  Things have changed in 2023, this economy has manufactures focused intensively on cash flow, margin protection, CoS and protecting the base.  And that M&A activity from last year?  How do we capitalize on the synergy we were expecting in a growth market now, in 2023? 

CPQ is part of the answer, even more so as we move through this economic cycle. For this report, 37 vendors were included as well as the following market definition chart: 



In Mind Cloud’s complete solution stands apart for manufacturing customers

We are proud to say that In Mind Cloud’s Digital Sales Platform covers the bases on 5 of the 6 extended decision making criteria for CPQ solutions in the marketplace. In Mind Cloud has built a digital sales platform that is defined by customer requirements.   Combine that with a SaaS cloud offering for scalability (you grow, we grow), focus on manufacturing (It's in our DNA), quick total time to value (TTV), only In Mind Cloud can offer the right tool to support your current strategic considerations and future proof your GTM plans for years to come. With our Penny Precise Pricing™ and 360 view of customer engagement, everyone collaborates on making sure the profitable quotes become profitable orders for happy customers.  

Forrester asked each vendor included in the Landscape to select the top use cases for which clients select them and from there determined which are the extended use cases that highlight differentiation among the vendors. In Cloud Mind is shown in the report for having selected the following use cases as top reasons clients work with them out of those extended use case


Forrester approved citation_2023

We feel strongly that In Mind Cloud is the right tool for you so we will provide you with the decision-making criteria and support your need to get started or even complete your digital transformation journey today.  Download this free, full copy of the Forrester report here, from In Mind Cloud. 

Download Free Forrester Landscape Report 2023
Dominic Starr

Written by Dominic Starr

Dominic Starr is a business sales executive with leadership experience in technical sales and software industries. Starr's career includes committed growth in solution sales and sales enablement, specifically arming service and sales makers with the digital tools they need to compete and win in an ever increasing competitive digital business climate. Currently, he leads the North American SaaS sales efforts for In Mind Cloud, providing a rich customer experience for discrete manufacturers, including CRM, CPQ, and commerce on a single Digital Sales Platform.

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