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In Mind Cloud at SAP CX Live 2018: Takeaways from Day Two

Posted by Charing Kam on Oct 15, 2018 1:03:07 PM
Charing Kam
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It's been an exciting two days, but SAP CX Live is over! Our team capped off the event with a bang with a number of speaking slots, visitors at our booth, and even an award for our partner!

SAP and In Mind Cloud

Our CEO, Dr. Christian Cuske, joined SAP's Chief Digital Officer, Mr. Bertram Schulte and Mr. Brian Wilchusky from Vertex Inc for a discussion about selling in SAP APP Center.

sapcxlive-daytwo-sapMr. Bertram Schulte (left), and Mr. Brian Wilchusky, Dr. Christian Cuske, and Mr. Schulte (right)

The conversation revolved around helping users get the maximum benefits out of their experience buying from the SAP App Center. 

"We are increasingly seeing trends of up selling and cross-selling in the era of Industry 4.0 and the need to digitalize manufacturing sales." - Dr. Christian Cuske, CEO of In Mind Cloud

As partners, there is a need to demonstrate our alignment and connection to SAP, as it helps to engage prospects through the SAP App Center, where there is a free trial available. 

In the manufacturing industry, especially, Dr. Cuske mentioned the high potential for upselling as a perk of the SAP App Center. With a complex solution such as our Manufacturing X, there is a need for machine learning and guided recommendations. 

Download our Manufacturing X brochure to learn how to digitalise your sales!

Satisloh and In Mind Cloud

After lunch, our Sales Director, Mr. Markus Schoierer, took the stage at Hall 8.1 to speak to our customer, Satisloh's Head of Global Customer Experience Mr. Will Daniels, about how to "Simplify Your Global Sales Operations with a Manufacturing Sales Platform". 

sapcxlive-daytwo-satisloh(in both pictures) Mr. Will Daniels (left) and Mr. Markus Schoierer (right)

As a global leader in machine manufacturing for ophthalmic and precision optics lenses, Satisloh is firmly located in the Make-to-Order (MTO) and Engineer-to-Order (ETO) sectors that we serve.

Pain points of Satisloh included the fact that quotations aren't accurate within the ERP system, and there are many occasions when deals are made on spread sheets themselves. With over 37 machines, there are more than 1,000 variables that can affect the final quote and solution provided. 

A standard Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) solution would only be able to cover about 25% of the needs for a discrete manufacturer, in comparison to our Manufacturing X sales platform, which is crafted to cover 100% of their needs. 

Mr. Daniels spoke about our Sales Simplification module, which, after implementation, has enabled their sales reps to sell products quickly. 

"It reduces our lead time for an RFQ from more than one and half weeks to almost a quote created almost instantaneously. I can’t even express how flexibility and freedom Manufacturing X has empowered us with.Satisloh's Head of Global Customer Experience Mr. Will Daniels

An approval process has been set up within the Manufacturing X sales platform, which provides instant approval as well as instant creation of purchase orders. This results in quick and easy pricing and configuration, which leads to a seamless process from the CRM to the ERP. 

Apex S.r.l and In Mind Cloud

Even as our booth stayed busy throughout the day, our team had to take time to give credit to our great partners, who have helped us to cover implementation of our solutions all around the world. 

sapcxlive-daytwo-apexTo this, we decided to give our 2018 Partner Award to our partner, Apex S.r.l, who have supported us from their headquarters in Italy, and helped our customers to reap the benefits of our Manufacturing X platform. 

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