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SAPPHIRE NOW 2018 Day 1: Keynote and Mindray's Story

Posted by Charing Kam on Jun 6, 2018 12:10:00 PM
Charing Kam
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SAPPHIRE NOW 2018 has started in Orlando, Florida, and our In Mind Cloud team has some notes from Day 1!

Following our participation in the SAP Global Partner Summit yesterday, it was an exciting day at SAPPHIRE NOW, from the opening keynote with SAP CEO Bill McDermott, to our customer Mindray's panel discussion, and the visualization of our product in tiny form. 

Opening Keynote by Bill McDermott

SAP CEO Bill McDermott opened SAPPHIRE NOW 2018 with a bang, announcing a slew of important news about solutions and offerings. What we found most pertinent, however, was the strong focus on being customer-first; just as we've been doing with our core customer base of manufacturers, creating a solution is all about customer needs and experience. The industry trend would hence be to look at being able to bridge the front and back office into one easy-to-use application. 

"Access Innovative Digital Business Solutions at Your Fingertips"

SAPPHIRE NOW 2018 (1)Our team: (from left to right) Ms. Jaime Li, VP Marketing, In Mind Cloud; Dr. Christian Cuske, CEO, In Mind Cloud; Mr. Henry Wu, CIO, Mindray; Mr. Markus Schoierer, Sales Director, EMEA, In Mind Cloud

Our customer, Mindray Medical International Ltd, spoke at a panel discussion, "Access Innovative Digital Business Solutions at Your Fingertips", at SAP Leonardo and Future Technologies (LE527).  Represented by Chief Information Officer (CIO) Mr. Henry Wu, the Chinese Medical manufacturer helped others to understand more about the complexity of their industry, and the business needs and requirements that led them to choose In Mind Cloud as their partner in the digitalization of sales. 

"When a product offering, such as the like of In Mind Cloud’s, is sophisticated, an excellent customer service from the vendor enables a 9,000 employee company, like ours, to be scaled easily via the App Center." - Mr. Henry Wu, CIO, Mindray

Using In Mind Cloud's manufacturing sales solution, Mr. Wu elaborated on how different sales processes were simplified through our single cloud-based platform that included guided selling, cross-selling, and up-selling for their medical manufacturing products.  As a new customer, Mr. Wu was also able to shed light on the experience he has had with our team, as we work towards executing the vision of sales simplification and digitalization through our customised portfolio. 

SAPPHIRE NOW 2018 (2)Mr. Henry Wu (right), talks about his experience with In Mind Cloud

Discussing industry trends, Mr. Wu talked about the need for vendors to empower the end user with great enablement when it comes to functionality, and how the digital method of packaging can help large businesses. 

Interactive Demo of In Mind Cloud At BA350

As part of a demo, SAP APP Center featured 10 apps at BA350, and our In Mind Cloud manufacturing sales solution was one of them. Reflecting the look of the App Center home page, where featured partner apps are shown, our manufacturing sales solution was represented with a square block, and attendees could see our App Center page on screen! 

De89s0HV4AAhdNqOur VP Marketing, Ms. Jaime Li, holding up our block at the interactive demo

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Charing Kam

Written by Charing Kam

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