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Automatica 2018: Key Takeaways And Trends

Posted by Charing Kam on Jun 25, 2018 12:15:00 PM
Charing Kam
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Messe München held Automatica 2018 in Munich, Germany, last week, and our team was there!

The exhibition, held every two years, was worth the wait, as the 'Leading Exhibition for Smart Automation and Robotics' ensured that visitors were educated and entertained with a slew of future-ready exhibitors. From Work 4.0 to human-robot collaborations, exhibitors and speakers alike spoke about the trends that all manufacturers should take note of. What were some key points?

Technology For The Smart Factory

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With more than 46,000 visitors and 890 exhibitors attending, Automatica 2018 hit new highs, and we were particularly impressed with the innovations on display.  As per the press release, Dr. Christian Schlögel, CEO of connyun GmbH, stated: “automatica 2018 has shown the technological opportunities that companies have for implementing their digital transformation. It is impressive to see the great range of industrial loT developments and which potential is still available.”

As a participant, we were privy to the forums, and found the keynote at the IT2Industry Forum on 'New IoT Technology Trends That Will Impact Production Automation' very enlightening when it came to notes on edge analytics and Artificial intelligence. Using the new GDPR laws as a jumping-off point, the keynote discussed the chance that sensor data would also end up being subject to regulations, and what manufacturers could do to ensure that they process data properly.  

"Data will be processed on the edge supported by services from the cloud, but also on the edge while utilizing ad-hoc edge-to-edge mesh networks", the speaker, Alexander Koerner, a software solution architect in the global IBM Watson IoT Electronics Industry Lab, said. 

Connectivity and Collaboration

At the same time, there was an increased focus on the importance of interoperability and connectivity between machines, helped through a standardisation of communication interfaces. Robots were also further humanised through the emphasis on assisting human operators instead of replacing them. The aim is for a human to understand a robot and vice versa. 


With a 20 percent increase in international visitors, Automatica is an event to keep watching, and we're looking forward to the next one in 2 years time!

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Charing Kam

Written by Charing Kam

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