Can Your Manufacturing Business Benefit From Digital Sales?

Posted by Leo Boon Yeow on Feb 17, 2021 8:45:00 AM
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Checklist: How to find out if your manufacturing company needs CRM, CPQ, or Commerce

In the manufacturing industry, sales can become incredibly complex. It is knowledge-driven and involves additional elements like the configuration of technical solutions. Without vast experience or deep manufacturing knowledge, sales reps can struggle to understand customer requirements and deliver winning deals.

How can manufacturers overcome sales challenges?

To overcome this challenge, manufacturers are increasingly turning to emerging digital solutions—like a fully digital sales platform. A modern sales platform for the manufacturing industry is built with your industry’s complexities in mind. That includes complex products, configuration, solutions, and processes.

When manufacturers digitalize the sales process, they often automate a third of the tasks—typically manual, time-consuming work—that sales reps perform. This approach helps reduce cost-of-sales significantly and frees up the time spent on administration and reporting for work that actually generates revenue—selling to customers.

Manufacturers that digitalize sales also see some additional benefits. Customer satisfaction soars, efficiency improves by up to 15%, and sales uplift can reach up to 10%. These are just some of the numbers that digital leaders are reporting. To unlock the full potential of digitalization, there are many other considerations that manufacturers need to make.

The Checklist to help manufacturers

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First and foremost, manufacturers need to be sure that their organization needs sales digitalization. We’ve compiled a checklist of indicators that can help you identify key issues that your manufacturing business is facing, and how they can be resolved with a powerful digital sales platform. The more checks you have in the list, the clearer it becomes that you can benefit from accelerated digitalization efforts.

The list comprises some of the most common manufacturing sales issues that we see our customers facing. However, note that the list is not exhaustive. Your manufacturing business may encounter issues that are not on the list. If that were the case you can always contact our manufacturing experts for a free digital sales consultation.

Download the Checklist
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